Services & Rates

I am pleased to offer the highest quality of service at extremely competitive rates!  My basic visits generally provide more time with your cats than other pet sitters.

Cat Sitting Fees:

  •  45 minutes: $25 per visit My clients’ favorite! much more time with your cat(s) than most pet sitters offer.
  •  1 1/4 hour+   $40 per visit
  • No holiday fees! But book early as my calendar fills up quickly!
  • NOTE: 
    Despite inflation, I’m still offering my very competitive rate of $25 per 45 minute visit that I’ve offered for years.
    However, beginning September 1st, there will be an additional $10 per visit medication fee for the administration of oral/physical medication to your cat(s).
    (If your cat takes their meds through a pill pocket or added to food this doesn’t apply!)
    Please remember that I am not a veterinarian nor working in a vet’s office setting so I will never physically force any cat to take medication. 
    Thank you for understanding!

Because I love being with cats, if I have a light schedule on the day of your visit, more time may be spent with your cat(s) at no additional cost to you! 

Service includes: I know that there is much more to pet sitting than simply providing your cat with food and water!

• Play time

• Fresh food and water

• Medication administration (see note above)

• Companionship and cuddling

• Litter box cleaning

• Brushing

• Clean up of pet-related accidents

• Daily photos and updates sent to your phone or email upon request

• Upon request, I will gladly perform any other basic household jobs for you: Watering plants, bringing in your mail and newspaper, filling bird feeders, taking out trash, and turning on/off lights for your security.  And I will always leave your cat’s food and litter area at least as clean as when I first arrive.

Just let me know what I can do to make your return home more pleasant!

Service area:

Simon’s Cat Sitting is currently accepting new clients in Weaverville and the surrounding area.  If in doubt please inquire as to whether you are in my service area. If you aren’t I’ll be happy to recommend another qualified pet sitter!

Availability: Please email for availability whether last minute or months in advance.  Most cat sitting visits will take place during the morning or early afternoon. (I do not do visits after 4pm) Holidays are a busy time for all pet sitters so book early!

Quality and quantity….Simon’s Cat Sitting does not overbook or exceed a reasonable schedule. This insures that your cat will have both the quality and quantity of time that he/she deserves!

Give yourself the peace of mind when traveling that comes from using a professional pet sitter. (Photo is my cat Zoey before I took a trip…cat lovers can relate!)